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Orkut Picture Scraps

Welcome to Scrapwish.com, the best new site for Graphics, Animations, Comments, Quotes, cartoon porn videos Glitters and Images for your Orkut Friends!

Orkut|Birthday|Friendship|Good Morning|Good porno gay Night|Funny|Love|Happy Birthday etc.

Happy Birthday

Angel Girl

Beautiful Girl


Friends Forever

Best Friends

Good Morning

Good Day

Good Night

Good Afternoon

Sweet Dreams

Rain Day

I Love You

Take Care

Be Mine

What’s Up

Keep Smile

Showing Love

How Are You


Thanks To Add Me





Miss You


Orkut Privacy

Orkut take privacy very seriously, and orkut want to make it really easy for everyone. Before some day orkut launched private scraps, so you don’t have to use testimonials for personal messages anymore. To keep something secret, just send a private scrap to your friends, and just those people selected will see it. Yes, just them! Recipients can also hentai porn pics reply, creating a completely private conversation.

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